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Google Tensor -
All you need to know.

The all new smartphones from the tech giants Google, the Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro will be packing the long waited Google’s very own silicon chip, the so called project whitechapel – currently named as Tensor.

Google tensor is a chip developed by Google, tied with Samsung.

Google has been working on a chip for the past 4 years under the code name Whitechapel.

Tensor chip is an AI based chip, mainly integrated for artificial intelligence. Tensor chip is a custom-made processor for pixel phones capable of running Google’s most powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning modules directly on the phone.

By developing its own processor, Google can better optimize its hardware and software, precisely the reason why Apple also switched to developing its own processor.

Having full control over the hardware now google can provide more longer software updates. Previously they have to rely on the processor makers for this. So Now the processor is developed in house so the pricing of this processor is also going to reduce & eventually pixel phones pricing also going to reduce.

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai quoted that – AI is the future of our innovation work, but the problem is we’ve run into computing limitations that prevented us from fully pursuing our mission. So we set about building a technology platform built for mobile that enabled us to bring our most innovative AI and machine learning (ML) to our Pixel users. We set out to make our own System on a Chip (SoC) to power Pixel 6. And now, years later, it’s almost here.

With Tensor, Google claims to have improved speech recognition with better recognition of voice commands, translation, captioning and dictation. “The highlight of tensor is that it can process Google’s most powerful AI and ML models directly on Pixel 6 phones. You’ll see a transformed experience for the camera , speech recognition etc.

Google also said that with the Tensor Chipset and Titan M2, the Pixel 6 Series will have the most layers of hardware security in any smartphone.

As you all are, I am also eagerly waiting for the launch of the devices to know more about the performance and optimization of these devices.

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