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Google Pixel 6 - All you need to know.

The Latest From Google – Google Pixel 6

All the leaks and rumours about the all new google pixel 6. All you need to know about the upcoming smartphone from google.

Google has announced the Pixel 6, and it’s providing a bunch of details about its two new phones ahead of their fall launch. The biggest news is a new system-on-chip called Tensor that is designed to provide the Pixel 6 series with a bunch of AI powers we haven’t seen before.

The release will be for two models the Pixel 6 and the bigger Pixel 6 Pro

Google didn’t detail the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro’s specs sheets yesterday, but it did confirm that both smartphones will have the in-house developed Tensor chip at the helm, run Android 12 out of the box, and come in three colors.

The Google Pixel 6’s killer feature is the new Tensor SoC, which is focusing big on AI and machine learning. For example, the Tensor Processing Unit could take a blurry image of a toddler and make the child’s face sharper. The TPU knows it’s a face and make the necessary adjustments. 

Pixel 6 Vs Pixel 6 Pro

  • The Pixel 6 will be coming with a 90Hz Refresh rate 6.4 Inches AMOLED Display, whereas the Pixel 6 Pro will be coming with a beautiful curved 120Hz AMOLED Display of 6.71 Inches.
  • There will be a difference in RAM , the Pixel 6 packs a 8GB RAM and the Pixel 6 Pro comes with a massive 12GB of RAM.
  • The Pixel 6 Pro also have a 512GB storage variant while pixel 6 only has 128/256GB.
  • Pixel 6 Pro has an extra 48MP telephoto camera other than the 50MP wide and 12MP ultrawide cameras.
  • There is also a better battery backup in the Pixel 6 Pro.

Release Date

We’re expecting Google sticks to form and targets early October for the Pixel 6 launch. Leaker Max Weinbach corroborated this, saying that Google plans to unveil the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in October. However, if the chip shortage continues to cause problems, the company could push back the launch to November.

Color variants

The Pixel 6 offers a few color options, including pink, bluish-gray with a pale yellow accent and black model with a light-gray top accent color. The Pixel 6 Pro black-on-gray model a white model with a cream or pale slate accent bar and a pale orange with brighter orange accent. 

Pricing Details

Google says that the Pixel 6 will be a “premium-priced product,” so we would expect it to cost considerably more than the Pixel 5, which launched at $699/£599. It’s possible that the Pixel 6 could start at $999, similar to the iPhone 12 Pro, but we’ll have to see what happens this fall. 

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